Keeping it real

If you pay attention to our market banner, you may have noticed we’re members of the Real Bread Campaign.
Fresh Baked Sourdough
The Real Bread Campaign is an initiative to help people make a better informed choice about what they feed their families and help local bakeries make a clear distinction between their Real Breads and other products on the market.

It aims to:

  • Share the pleasure and benefits of locally-baked ‘Real Bread’ – that means bread made without artificial additives and processing aids.
  • Raise awareness of the issues with additives used in industrial/supermarket loaves
  • Call for stricter legal requirements on retailers to declare in plain English exactly what has gone into the production of every loaf, including legal definitions for terms like ‘freshly baked/fresh’, ‘artisan’ and ‘sourdough’.
  • Champion research into health and nutritional issues (digestibility, intolerance, allergy, GI, etc.) to establish factors that have a beneficial effect and lead to even more people being able to enjoy Real Bread.

You can find out more about the Real Bread Campaign (and sign up as a supporter) by visiting their website.