Made By Land : Fresh Oat M:lk

Made By Land : Fresh Oat M:lk

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MadeByLand LOVE oats and wanted to bring all the healthy benefits of them into delicious oat milk! Oat milk is nutritious, low in fat and contains many heart-healthy benefits.

RETURN and REFILL: Your first bottle of Fresh Oat Milk should be purchased at the price indicated below. If you love your milk and want to have it again simply add the code 'OATREFILL' at checkout and we'll apply a discount. Don't forget to bring your bottle back to us or we'll have to charge the difference on collection, and that'd be super awks!

Nutritonal Information ( per 100ml )
Energy : 142kj / 33kcal
Protein : 0.5g
Carbohydrate : 7.2g ( of which sugars ) : 1.8g
Fat : 0.2g ( of which saturates ) : 0.1g
Fibre : 0.4g
Sodium : 0.02g


  • Shake me up before use, settling is completely natural due to the freshness of the product!
  • Keep Refrigerated
  • Use before Use by Date
  • Do not freeze