Our Bread

San Francisco

A classic sourdough using a mix of white and wholemeal flavour allowing the full sourdough taste to come through

Made with:

Organic White and Wholemeal Flour, with Sea salt

Malted Wheat & Seeds

A delicious malted loaf packed with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and linseeds. A lovely full flavour and a more open crumb

Made with:

Wheat flour (white and wholemeal), malthouse flour, pumpkin, sunflower and linseed seeds


A wholemeal spelt loaf with a chewy crumb, a pinkish hue and a delicious delicate nutty flavour

Made with:

Organic wholemeal spelt flour, sea salt, dusted with rice flour

Overnight White

Our hybrid white uses a sourdough levain & a yeast sponge to give a lighter loaf more similar to traditional tins. The rye levain gives a unique taste

Made with:

Organic Wheat Flour (white), Organic Rye Flour, Yeast and Sea Salt

Rye Bread

Made with 100% dark rye. Delicious tangy flavour with a thick chewy crumb & topped with oats

Made with:

Organic Rye Flour, Porridge Oats and Sea Salt