Hello from Riverside’s newest baker

I’m Jack, a ceramics graduate who recently joined the team at Riverside Sourdough. Previously I had a bit of experience with sourdough, working with a wheat starter producing mainly white breads. So I’m enjoying learning more about this diverse, varied and delicious way of making bread.

Riverside has four starters, each with their own unique feel, (they are living things after all)! There is the Rye, Rice, Wheat, and Spelt mothers. The Rye, which creates the caraway, coriander, plain ryes, malted wheat and seeds and the Levain portion of the white. The rice mother, a white foamy mixture used in the buckwheat, a wheat and gluten free sourdough. The Spelt creates wholemeal and white spelt breads, again wheat free with a nuttier taste and the wheat mother used in the wholemeal, San Fran and Maslin.

The range of textures, tastes and shapes that came be created is amazing, they are resilient being able to go long periods of time without feeding if prepared properly. You can feed your starter ten times its own weight and your bacteria will happily eat it up and grow in size and your use of it can form the taste of you bread with more active starters producing lighter flavours and less active ones leading to a more intense flavour.
Amazing stuff, can’t wait to experiment with more types, recipes and bakes in the future.